Normal is very different and different is very normal

Last night I was watching the movie Venom and I was left speechless. It really made me think. Who on planet earth has such an amazing imagination to make a movie like that? Is that normal? I never liked science fiction because it’s just completely unreal for me but I have to admit that this one has a very good story behind it. I started to ask myself how can we define the normal things in life and the ones that are different. How can we really know what is normal and what is different?

I grew up in a family of four. My parents were working a lot but during all the free days we were enjoying together, exploring the world, and taking care of each other. I considered myself as a very normal child. I was thinking about the future, how my wedding will look like and how many kids will I have. The normal kind of thoughts every little girl has at that stage.

Through my teenage years I heard lots of times how different I am, people were saying this all the time. Because of my sports career, I travelled a lot and met many people from different backgrounds and cultures and I thought that’s probably the reason why they see me as a very different person. My way of dressing, my hair style, the way I was doing things didn’t stand out from the average. I didn’t have pink hair with piercings all over my face or tattooed body, but yet, the same opinion from other people was staying with me through my life. Even my relationships didn’t work out because men were just very intimidated by me saying I am different and they were not able to handle that.

Years after, I met my husband and he was the complete opposite of me. Finally, I thought if he says I am different he will have a very good reason. When we started to get to know each other, he really did come out with this opinion and kept repeating himself all the time. And I always said, of course we are different and it’s very obvious. But my curiosity didn’t sleep so I opened a conversation and asked him more about that. He explained me that I am different than all the women he met in his life. My way of talking, interacting with people, thinking, expressing myself and even my priorities are not what he was experiencing with others.

Well now I know that I am different but at the same time I think completely normal from my point of view. We always like to use these two words to judge people and it isn’t supposed to be like that. Everyone has their own opinion about what’s normal and what’s different but be careful because whatever you think is strange and unreal can be completely normal for someone else. Thankfully we live in a mostly democratic world, so we all have the right to express our thoughts but we have to make sure that our words don’t hurt other people’s feelings.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

It was an amazing year for me and my family. We got a precious gift, our daughter Michelle. She is bringing so much joy and love, our lives changed in a way I can’t describe. She is spending her first Christmas the best way possible, surrounded with people who love her the most. We decided to travel to my home country and enjoy this time of the year with my family. The morning smell of a home made coffee and sweets are priceless. Mom’s food reminds me of my childhood, different lifestyle and now I can introduce all of it to my daughter as well.

I started to write a blog this year and really enjoyed sharing a part of my life with people. I didn’t expect to get such a great response from all of you who are following me. That is giving me new motivation and inspiration for the year ahead. My husband was very successful with his business and at the same time amazing support to me and our daughter. We had accomplished so many things and overall it was a great year full of happiness and love.

I wish you all positive and good wishes. Enjoy this incredible time of the year with people you love, embrace all the special moments which will never come back. Take your time for family and friends, bring back the best moments of the year and let go of the ones that made you sad. Forgive to all the people who hurt you and start a new year with a fresh and positive mind set.


Communication Error

I managed to learn so many things about people by just observing them. It’s interesting to see how different we are. The way we walk, communicate and act in public reveals the true nature of us. And that kind of things show even more when it comes to relationships. Interaction between two people can show how deep or shallow is their love and respect for each other. Communication is a part of our daily life and it’s very important. But unfortunately it comes in so many different levels and it’s so unbelievable when you see a very good and a very bad one next to each other.

It was a lovely Sunday evening. I was enjoying with my husband and Michelle on the restaurant’s terrace, drinking wine and talking about family life. The restaurant was lit up and we were able to see everything going on inside. Suddenly our conversation changed and we started to observe people in the restaurant. Two couples immediately caught our attention. One of them probably in late 50’s and the other one in late 20’s. Interaction between these two couples was the complete opposite. It was a great inspiration for my writing.

The older couple looked like they were on the first date when you do all your best to really pay attention to the person sitting on the other side. They were talking all the time and it was obvious that the conversation was very interesting. We were able to see the eye contact and the body language that shows the connection between them. It was really incredible to see their sincere smiles and happiness throughout the whole evening.

On the other side the young couple was so different. At first I thought they were just friends decided to go out for a drink and ran out of topics to gossip about. Both of them were completely obsessed with phones. He was laughing while watching probably something really funny on the screen. At the same time her face had no expression, she was just looking at her phone, swiping left and right with her hand. Every once in a while she would look up, just rolled her eyes and focus right back into her own world. Half an hour later she asked him to get her another drink. He stood up, gave her a very short kiss and head to the bar to order a beer. After coming back to the table they repeated the same thing again and left the restaurant.

That was a very interesting observation for us and a great reminder at the same time how important communication is. We have to talk with our loved ones to understand them and get to know them on a different level. The new generation of couples are often too superficial and care only about the outside image. Whatever is underneath the shell doesn’t interest them. I wouldn’t say everybody is like that and probably the phones are not the only reason for communication errors. Couples don’t lose the love and sparkle just because you are too busy with your own little world. Pay attention to your loved ones and nourish the connection while enjoying life.


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Feminism destroyed a new generation of men# my opinion

Controversial topic? Definitely, but I have a very strong opinion about that. Women did change the male population. Back in the days everybody knew what roles they were playing. Women have an extreme power to give a chance for a new life to begin. Don’t get me wrong, I really support women to get the best education,  to get the great jobs and most of all to have the same rights as men do. But at the same time to let a man be a man.

Let’s be realistic, men will always be the lion of the kingdom and it has to be like that. They have to feel strong to protect our families and our lives. Women are the ones that have to encourage this and not destroy it. The new generation of women started to fight against that because they can’t understand their power. People say that women support three angles of the house and they don’t say that for no reason. We do and we have to know what does that mean. If you take away the power of the man being a leader there is no way back. That’s the best way to completely womanise the men.

Women started to fight for the positions which in the past were reserved only for men. I don’t have any problem with that. But do they transfer that as well into the personal lives? Yes, I think the certainly do. That’s were the problems begin.

I have had a chance to interact with quite a few men in my life through my sports career and later on in relationships. I realised that I couldn’t really relate to my generation of men. I liked the old school. Being strong on the outside and showing some parts of the soft inside was what I was used to. But this new generation is the complete opposite. The jelly shell feels like you can just see through and when you see the inside there’s a burning fire ready to explode. In the past men respected their mothers. Today you can see every second boy or a young man fighting and arguing with his mother because that’s the only female that will let him to express his power. And I have to say it’s really sad to see that.

Do women have to go that far? I don’t know what you want for the future population but this is definitely not the best beginning of the feminism age. Women be women and let men be men. That’s how it was meant to be. Try to understand men that they need to be the leaders. If you don’t let them to be that in professional careers at least let them be that in their personal lives. At the end of the day even a strong man will always say “sorry guys, I have to go, my wife just called me”.


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Postnatal depression #my story

I heard so many things about postnatal depression before I got pregnant and it was just so surreal for me. Seriously? Postnatal depression? That can’t happen to me, I am too strong for that. Just to think about that was ridiculous. How can you be depressed when you just got such a precious gift in your life. Well yes, it can happen and it certainly did in my case.

First few weeks after birth everything was amazing. Michelle was definitely giving me all the power to just blossom. I felt like I was at the top of the mountain and the whole world is mine. Not long after my energy level was just going rapidly down. I wasn’t too concerned because I thought it’s normal. Lack of sleep, new responsibilities and my body still healing from labour should have a different affect on my mind. I was trying to convince myself that this is just normal. Some days were very good and I was holding on for the good moments.

I remember waking up one day and my body was floppy like it wasn’t mine. I felt so tired and my mind didn’t work properly. I tried to find the energy to keep Michelle happy and do things around the house but my head was just so heavy. My thoughts were going only on the dark side. I didn’t take care of myself, my hair was messy, I would stay all day in the same clothes and sometimes cry for no good reason. The way I was thinking affected my relationship because I just couldn’t keep up with positive state of mind. Usually I was the one that always thought about the bright side. I finally started to realise that this might be the postnatal depression everyone was talking about. I definitely was not ok.

How am I going to deal with this? Is my life really going to be so depressed from now on? The fact that I made the first step of admitting to myself that this is depression, was actually a very good progress. I finally knew what’s happening with me. Honestly it feels like a dark demon moved into your house and you can’t get rid of him. Every day that I felt good was like “yes I kicked this demon out”, and the next day he was back again. Like an endless circle that you can’t escape. It is a very complicated process and I had to work really hard to start getting better.

It’s almost eight months now since I gave birth and I still have days when I feel depressed. I didn’t try to get any medical support but I did tell my husband about my feelings. The conversation really helps when it comes to postnatal depression. Probably the most important thing is to get all the emotions out. If you are keeping them inside they just start to level up and it gets even worse. Depression is not something we should be ashamed of. It can happen to anyone, so don’t be afraid to speak about it.

How to maintain your relationship in a good shape

Talk, talk, talk and talk again. And when you think you have explained everything to each other, talk some more and make sure you really understand your man. Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Unfortunately, nowadays people don’t have time to talk enough and that’s the main reason why couples lose their connection. And when you lose that bond with your partner, it’s really hard to get it back on track again.

Communication is not the only important thing in a relationship. You have to also trust your partner to make the love grow in the right direction. Building that is a very complicated process which can collapse many times through the years, but only the strongest survive those falls. Women are usually emotionally more stable than men even though it doesn’t seem always like that. If a woman is emotionally very stable then there is a big chance that the relationship will be successful. We know how to guide men in the right direction with a gentle and firm hand at the same time. This can be very tricky but if you know your man you know exactly what to do.

I have been reading a lot lately about compromises and the fact that you can’t change your partner. “Yes you can”, and I have a living proof at home. People can change, and not in direction just to make compromises. But of course only with lots of conversation and emotional balance. Life is not spinning only around you. For a relationship and family you have to sacrifice a bit of yourself and your own needs to make it an amazing experience. Everything needs to be balanced and both partners need to do the same thing to start travelling towards success.

I have mentioned some extremely important things but left sexuality for the last part. Probably the majority of people will say that sex is most likely number one when it comes to the scale of importance. Yes, I agree with that and I am the first one to say, “women please be daring in the bedroom… “. But don’t forget as well about just sharing love on a daily basis, saying I love you or maybe just a random hug and kiss. That is a part of sexuality as well and it can affect partner in a very different way. A few loving words or a touch can sometimes feel even better than sex because you know that your love is thinking about you and cares about you. So I think people forget about these small things that can lead with years into emotional emptiness.

Relationships are hard work but a good one can be priceless and worth of every effort you put into it. Try to understand your partner and stop knocking on the door with, “hey I know everything” kind of attitude. They say for a reason that women and men come from a different planet. Don’t give up on the relationship with the first problem that comes by. Remember that there is no one without problems and it can only make your connection stronger if you manage to solve it. Make it simple, complications can destroy everything and enjoy every moment which will never come back. Life is too short. And finally, simply love each other.

Don’t let other people create your life #my story

The world is very cruel and I have experienced that on my skin. Till my thirtieth birthday I let other people create my life. I lived in a small city, everybody knew me and I had to always wear a certain image to represent myself. And definitely I was not happy about that. Lots of my talents were left hidden because I was constantly asking myself in what kind of way will people judge me. Maybe that was just my fear but the feeling was definitely blocking my development as a successful and strong woman.

My teenage years were filled with lots of amazing moments and some disappointments as well. I have managed to create an image of a respectful woman who always knows how to talk and act in different situations but I still had that fear in my mind of doing something that will not be appropriate for other people. Honestly it doesn’t take much to destroy that kind of reputation. And with all the experiences I had the worst thing was the acknowledgement that I started to lose my self confidence. I got lots of comments behind my back which sometimes really hurt my heart.

After moving to England I decided to change my life and to finally heal my soul from all the judgements. Change of environment was the best decision I have ever made. My stress level dropped dramatically because I knew that nobody really knows me here and I can start to express myself in a way that I want. Yes, many people would say I am sensitive but I got back my strength that I lost in my teenage years. I concentrate only on myself and my loved ones, other things are just not important for me anymore. Writing a blog has become a good way of releasing all the emotions that were kept inside me and at the same time doing what I love to do.

My dad always said to me “life is a game, enjoy it” and I always tried to apply that into my life but it took me a while to get there. Now I fully understand what he was trying to tell me. I think all the people should enjoy life, be who they are and do things they really want to do. And the most important thing be kind to each other.